Sports and Leisure

A personal best. From the Turkish Baths at Pall Mall to tennis courts at Woodcote Park that were once practice courts for Wimbledon, our facilities are unlike any others.

We look for equally exceptional people to provide members and their guests with the level of assistance, encouragement and personal training they desire. The key is to achieve all your goals by helping them to achieve theirs.

Be it preparing the famous squash courts at Pall Mall, running gym or water aerobics classes at Woodcote Park, or providing the wide-ranging treatments available in our spa and treatment rooms, you’ll find yourself taking on a varied range of duties, gaining new skills and qualifications, and getting the opportunity to suggest new activities and offerings.

It’s all about creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere and delivering a great experience. This is why our people talk about feeling part of a family where everyone is trusted and respected for what they do. A real personal best!